Powered Rollers

Sprocketed rollers by Elco Conveyors

Bespoke single tooth and bespoke double tooth sprocketed rollers.

Ranging from 20mm small light duty applications to 406mm super heavy applications, when it comes to chain driven rollers Elco Conveyors have you covered.

With all steel sprockets manufactured from solid En8 billet with any pitch, tooth number and any tooth position, as all sprockets are manufactured in house we can produce rollers to match any application.

Available in the following materials:

Mild steel self cover/BZP, Stainless steel, PVC/Polyethylene/Nylon, Aluminium

With the following covering options:

Rubber Sleeves, Hot Vulcanised Rubber, Hard Chromed, Anodised

Grooved Conveyor Rollers

Elco Conveyors produce our standard grooved rollers for line shaft applications. Primarily in a ⌀50mm x 1.5mm wall B.Z.P tube drive grooves can be in any position and there can be multiple grooves per roller. Our standard grooved roller is fitted with a plastic housed precision bearing for silent running and longevity for powered applications.

As well as our standard grooved roller we can groove the following tube sizes: ⌀30mm, ⌀35mm, ⌀40mm, ⌀60mm, ⌀63mm, ⌀70mm and ⌀80mm all with precision bearings fitted as standard and various spindle options.

Grooved rollers can be made in mild steel, stainless steel & plastic. They can also be sleeved/hot vulcanised in various different covers i.e polyurethane, PVC, black natural rubber & food quality white rubber.

We can offer a full range of line shaft conveyor components to compliment our grooved roller range: drive bands, drive spools & universal joints.

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